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Zero-Waste Vacation!

My beautiful mama and I have committed to using cruelty-free products to stay sun and bug safe while we're away. We are also packing some key essentials to help reduce our plastic consumption at the resort! Keep scrolling to see what you can do on your next vacation!



Cruelty-Free Sunscreen!

It's weird, I hadn't really put too much thought into what sunscreen I would be using until my mom brought it up! It continues to dawn on me every single day that there are SO many products that test on animals that we don't need to buy! A quick google search for "cruelty-free sunscreen", and you're immediately inundated with options! I've linked the two products I'm choosing to bring below! First up, Pacifica Beauty's Mineral Bronzing Coconut Probiotic SPF 30 sunscreen! It's a mineral sunscreen, so it will go on a bit thicker, but from what I've read, it will protect your skin from UV rays way more effectively! I'm excited to put it to the test in the hot Mexican sun. I usually get burnt on vacations so I'm going to do my best to reapply and spend some time in the shade during the day.

The next product I'm going to be bringing with me to try out is from Alba Botanica. Another cruelty-free company that is creating awesome products! They have a facial sunscreen that is SPF 40! I like being tanned, but I'd rather look like I'm 20 than 55 when I'm only 30 years old! You won't even know the difference between this product and Coppertone......


Bug Spray Against Animal-Testing?

It sounds controversial but there are products that naturally repel insects! I'm excited to use this product because it smells amazing, you don't need to hold your breath when you put it on because it's made with essential oils instead of deet, and it works! I am a basically a walking buffet for mosquitoes and with the Zika virus posing a threat to travellers in Mexico, I'm not taking any chances. Luckily, we've found a cruelty-free, natural alternative that smells great, is going to be better for our skin, and will do the job just as well! It's also local to Kelowna, British Columbia! The company is called Lavish Body Products and their insect repellant is called "Bite Me Not". Another bonus, you can read and understand the entire ingredients list! Definitely something I'll feel good about putting on my skin!


Reducing Waste At An All-Inclusive!

I don't know how much I can really do but I know that every time I use my stainless steel straw instead of a plastic one when I go get a margarita from the bar is one less straw up a sea turtles nose! (Let's be real, you've seen the video and probably cried too).


Reusable straws and Tumblers!

You heard me correctly, we're bringing reusable straws! I'm telling myself my margaritas will taste better because of it! I can't believe I haven't done this before, so easy to do! BONUS, if you bring a reusable tumbler, like this one from, your drinks will stay colder longer, you won't have to make as many trips to the bar, they're bigger than the little plastics cups they'll give you, AND it'll hold your straw in place if you're worried about misplacing a loose straw on it's own! This one from Homitt, comes with two stainless steel straws, and a straw cleaning brush!


Another item that we're packing in our suitcases is some tupperware containers, realistically we will be bringing plastic Tupperware that we already own so it won't break in our suitcases. Why are we bringing these? In case we go across the street to get tacos and guacamole, by "in-case" I mean most-likely will go at least once a day. Then we can bring it back to the beach without getting a to-go container! Maybe I'll use it to bring some fruit to snack on later throughout the day from the breakfast buffet, who knows! The possibilites are endless and I'm really excited to have snacks in my bag at all times of day! GENIUS!


Last but not least, we're bringing reusable water

bottles! I know that we will be getting bottled water in our room everyday and that we can't be drinking from the tap but I've found a loophole!! I have two options, 1) Ask the restaurants to fill our bottles in the morning and at dinner, OR 2) walk across the street to one of the convenience stores and buy a big jug of water to keep in our room that we can keep pouring into our bottles! I think i'll be able to stay much more hydrated having cold water in my water bottle all day than drinking from a hot plastic one! Yay for S'well for keeping our beverages cold for 24 hrs too! Not to mention the fact that when I finish my water, I'll have backup storage for more margaritas!


Happy Vacationing and I hope you can implement at least of these options to help reduce waste while you're away!

Kaits xox

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