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Unconventional trips for the for the girls who love to have fun.

The Wandering Wellness Getaway is a meticulously planned experience of a lifetime.  These trips are for the girlies who want to try new things, go on thrilling adventures, fuel our bodies with delicious food and create lifelong connections. We spend countless hours panning each getaway to create the perfect balance of adventure and wellness to leave you feeling a fulfilled, inspired and probably a little tired. 

The Wandering Wellness Getaway is for the girls who want to want to immerse themselves in new experiences, connect with new friends & travel mindfully



From hiking through rivers, ATV adventures in the jungle or the desert, sunset boat cruises to snorkelling with tropical fish, we pack every trip with adventures to push you out of your comfort zone and experience the area.

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Our retreats are all plant-based with delicious food that our attendees rave about! We hire professional private chefs who focus on local and seasonal fresh fruits and vegetables. Kaitlyn and Jensen are both big foodies, so you can be sure there will be no shortage of amazing meals on these trips.



We believe that life is better with the girls by your side! Each getaway is an invitation to create lifelong memories and lasting friendships with women who get it. There really isn't anything as bonding as exploring new places with strangers turned besties.


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Hi! We’re Kaitlyn & Jensen


We are two girls bonded together through our love for epic adventures. Growing up in beautiful British Columbia, we are a dynamic duo with a shared passion for travel and content creation. With our adventurous spirits and eye for captivating moments, we bring a unique blend of energy and creativity to every experience. Whether it's capturing breathtaking landscapes or diving into thrilling adventures, we know how to make every moment count.​

While we thrive on adrenaline-pumping escapades, we also understand the importance of a solid recharge sesh. Whether we're hiking in the jungle or meditating to the gentle rhythm of the ocean waves, we plan each Wandering Wellness Getaway with our love for magical moments in mind!

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